Legal Notice

Legal Notice


The Council for Agricultural Research and Agricultural Economics Analysis (CREA) has created the website (hereinafter “the Website”) with the aim of publishing data and documents relating to services, to the structure and activities carried out by the Body and to provide public administrations, businesses and citizens with information on the agro-food sector.

This page contains the Legal Notes relating to the use of the site.

This document may be modified at any time and without notice. The User is therefore invited to regularly view the latest updated version of the same, available and permanently accessible from any page of the site, by clicking on the “Legal notice” link.


Viewing, downloading and any use of the data published on this type implies acceptance of these legal notices and the conditions of the license under which they are published.

Unless otherwise indicated, the data published on this site are made available under the CC-BY 3.0 license, the full text of which is available at the address

Use of the site and downloads

All documents published on this site conform and correspond to the original deeds.

In no case can CREA be held responsible for damages of any nature caused directly or indirectly by accessing the site, by the inability or impossibility of accessing it.

Furthermore, CREA cannot be held responsible in any way for the connectivity services used by Users to access the Portal.

The documents present on this site for downloading (download) such as for example technical documentation, regulatory documentation, software, etc., unless otherwise indicated, are freely and freely available, otherwise a notice is produced as a premise in the use of the same.

Access to linked external sites

The links to external sites indicated on this site are provided as a simple service to users, with the exclusion of any responsibility for the correctness and completeness of the set of links indicated.

The indication of the links does not imply any type of approval or sharing of responsibility on the part of IFSA2024 website in relation to the legitimacy, completeness and correctness of the information contained in the sites indicated.


User privacy is very important. For this reason, a specific Privacy Policy has been prepared which the User, by using this site, accepts. 

Social Media

CREA uses social media for institutional purposes: it informs, communicates, listens and publishes contents of an institutional nature. 

The published contents include photographs, institutional videos, press releases, service information, news relating to the activity of CREA and related services as well as opportunities for citizen involvement and participation. Through its social channels, CREA can share and re-launch content and messages of public interest and utility published by other users. 

Social channels are constantly and systematically monitored. 

CREA undertakes to manage communication and dialogue spaces within its profiles on the various social platforms, asking its users to respect some simple rules of fairness, measure and respect. 

In social media, everyone is responsible for the content they post and the opinions they express. However, insults, vulgarity, offenses, threats and, in general, violent or defamatory attitudes will not be tolerated. The interest of the topics with respect to CREA’s activities is an essential requirement: it is in no way possible to use these spaces for purposes other than institutional ones. Any form of advertising, spam or promotion of private interests or illegal activities will not be tolerated and content that violates copyright or the unauthorized use of registered trademarks will not be tolerated. 

In any case – where the social media allows it – all posts, comments or audio/video materials that present inappropriate, threatening, violent, vulgar or disrespectful language, that present illicit, offensive, obscene, deceptive, scaremongering, discriminatory, promoting or advocating illegal activity, infringing copyright. 

The official social profiles of CREA are indicated below: 






Any other accounts referring to CREA are not managed by it.

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